Friday, October 21, 2011

Story by Story...

I had the privilege of meeting Brendalee Flint at the Minnesota Department of Health's annual immunization conference. I watched as she told the story of her daughter's experience with contracting meningitis from an unvaccinated child (even though Julienna had been vaccinated herself) twice. The story is one of the most difficult I've ever heard. This child almost died, and her mother's heart with her. With Julieanna, the vaccine didn't take because of an immune problem, so she was unwittingly relying on the community's herd immunity, on other parents vaccinating their children against this evil, ugly, fast-moving disease. Except other parents didn't vaccinate their children, and fifteen-month-old Julieanna nearly died.

This is scary, but it's not a scare-tactic. If the anti-vax movement is anything, it is nothing but scare tactics. If you are making your own vaccine decisions about your children, please take the time to read Brendalee's incredible story and about her daughter's remarkable recovery. I had the honor of looking at lovely Julieanna for an hour during today's parents' panel. In terms of gathering information, if we are capable of hearing the "vaccines are toxic" or "they turned my child autistic" stories, we are capable of looking at the other side and reading the stories of what can happen when we choose not vaccinate. To turn away from these stories is to be dishonest in our decision making. We all want what's best for our kids, and that means making an informed decision about vaccinating. Julieanna will help you make an informed decision. Promise.

Brendalee Flint's Story

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