Saturday, January 14, 2012

If you're coming from Australia's "Bubhub" forum...

I typically do not do this because it usually applies to just a handful of my readers, but I have noticed several readers coming to Moms Who Vax from a forum thread on Bubhub in which a parent posted "Vaccine Information" links, nearly all of them anti-vax save mine (kudos to her for at least including our site). I have a message for the parents who have reached this site in this way. A brief glance through the "vaccine information" links the well-meaning parent posted shows almost no science-based websites. Even "Vaccine Information Center" is an anti-vax website.

A few months ago I posted with a breakdown of five of the most common anti-vax websites masquerading as clearinghouses for vaccine information. You can read that link here. Here is another link worth looking at as well, if you feel any misgivings about the completed exploded idea about vaccines and autism being connected in some way.  I feel moved to post about this because I fear new and expecting parents reading that parent's post and looking at the links for "vaccine information" will be absolutely terrified--not to mention terribly mislead. I urge all parents to use science as their guiding principle when making life or death decisions about their child's health. And vaccine-preventable diseases are, in fact, a life or death decision. Are you willing, as a new parent, to leave your child open to great suffering and possibly even death from a disease that can be prevented by a vaccine because of rumors that vaccines may contain "toxins"--rumors that have, again and again, been proven by disinterested science to be false? This was the question I asked myself when I was researching the vaccine question, and posed this way, it was easy to answer.

Please take a look at my post about "vaccine information" websites.

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