Friday, August 24, 2012

Will Pro-Vax Blogs Infect Your Computer? Anti-Vax Activists Want You to Think So

Apparently, some anti-vaccine folks are trying to scare parents way from blogs with a pro-vaccine bent by claiming the blogs will infect computers or that they contain some kind of malware. They've even been reporting such sites as malware to malware reporters, creating headaches for the blog owners and wasting everyone's time. When challenged and asked for specifics, they, of course, can provide no evidence of malware or infection.

This is patently false, in case it needed to be said. It wouldn't, however, be the first time such a claim was made (and in this case he is dealing with it yet again).

In some ways I take this level of mendacity to be a good sign--you would never catch a pro-vaccine activist or parent resorting to such tactics, and I like to think you'd only find an otherwise rational human being making up such nonsense because he or she feels the evidence is against her.

That being said, I still find this very sad. Because we're all parents and we all want the best for our children, no matter what our stand on vaccinations. At the same time, as a parent wanting to know more about vaccine safety, it might be good to put this kind of retributive and frankly downright irrational behavior on the scale when you begin making decisions about which parties you find to be reliable sources of information.

Anyway, rest assured, Moms Who Vax is safe, as are the other blogs you'll find under our Links. In case you'd heard otherwise.

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