Monday, October 21, 2013

More Anti-Vax Billboards

Voices for Vaccines let us know that raging anti-vaccine organization National Vaccine Information Center is at it again, with billboards up in New Jersey. This time, the company to contact is Lamar Advertising, out of Louisiana. Their comment form will only allow for 512 characters. I shortened my lettter, but here is how it originally read. I will be sending this as an e-mail to Lamar executives as well. Please consider voicing your concerns. 

Dear Lamar,

As a parent, I am sickened by your decision to allow noted anti-vaccine organization "National Vaccine Information Center" to advertise through your network of billboards. You may not be aware, as I was not when I was a new parent, that NVIC promotes and propagates misinformation about the safety of vaccines. They actively campaign against childhood immunizations, which have singlehandedly been responsible for keeping devastating vaccine-preventable diseases out of our communities. 

Because of NVIC's misinformation campaign, we have seen more and more parents choosing not to vaccinate--and the result has been heartbreakingly predicable: children are contracting vaccine-preventable diseases like pertussis, measles, and mumps. Children have been hospitalized and many, mostly infants, have died. Vaccines are incredibly safe and keep our children healthy. To allow an organization like NVIC to advertise through Lamar billboards is a reckless decision that I urge you to reconsider, for the good of the community, and all children--including yours.

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